After thirteen years in Spain, Hassan can no longer find work, so he decides to make the return journey home. He invests all his savings in a second hand tractor in order to make a living in his country and he drives it back to Morocco. When hearrivedin Spain he had nothing, now he´s going back with his only possession: the Rayo. A road movie along the back roads of Spain where every thing that happens is based on reality and the people who appear are playing themselves.

Producer: Oihana Olea, Antonio Hens
Director: por Fran Araujo y Ernesto de Nova
Writer: por Fran Araujo y Ernesto de Nova
Score: Ana Vila y Juanjo Valmoriso
Editor: Pablo Barce
DOP: Diego Dussuel
Sound designer: Nacho R. Arenas
PostProducer: Joaquín Gutiérrez y Guilherme Martins

Hassan Ben Oudra