Odd People Out examines the process of marginalization, repression and denial of the gay community during the first two decades of the Cuban Revolution, through the eyes and voice of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. A counterpoint to the fictional Before Night Falls, Odd People Out constructs a kaleidoscopic depiction of Reinaldo’s life and of the Cuban gay community before and after the revolution. A unique testimony of a unique time and a unique artist, it combines rare archival material with early-aughts footage clandestinely shot in Cuba.

Producer: Antonio Hens, Inés Núñez y Julio Gutiérrez
Director: Manuel Zayas
Writer: Manuel Zayas
Score: Sergio de la Puente
Editor: Antonio G. Escalonilla
DOP: Raúl Rodrigues
Sound designer: Alicia Alén y Federico Pajaro
Antón Arrufat, Delfín Prats, Ingrid González, Tomás Fdez. Robaina, José Roberto Arenas, José Antonio Arenas, Carlos Fuentes, Oneida Fuentes, Reinaldo Arenas