José Antonio teaches his 17-year-old son Miguel to drive around the neighborhood. He is everything Miguel wants to become and the mirror where he looks. However, that image is broken when José Antonio leaves his son behind wih his hands on the steering-wheel after he notices the is a police control. Without a license, without experience, and with a soul broken by his father's attitude, Miguel will drift through the streets, where he will discover that being an adult and having responsibilities is not as simple as it might seem.

Producer: Antonio Hens, Diego Saniz
Director: Manuel Manrique
Writer: Manuel Manrique
Score: Alberto Torres
Editor: Pablo Barce
DOP: Javier de Usabel
Sound designer: Martín Jiménez, Daniel Rincón y Fede Pajaro
PostProducer: Sebastián Martín (Gradepunk)

Iván Pellicer, Raúl Jiménez