"My great farewell" is the story of three crisscrossing love: that of Puri, willing to do what is possible and impossible to make things clear with her boyfriend; Milagri's, who keeps more secrets than his nature allows, and Sara's, whose impending wedding brings together a diverse group of women to celebrate their commitment on a day that should be very happy for everyone. But it will be not. "My great farewell" is also the story of two catastrophes, although we may fall short. And finally, it is the story of an act of courage: saying goodbye and leaving things behind, which is perhaps the only way to grow. Although, of course, one always have to pay a price for it.

Producer: Antonio Hens, Miguel Ferrari, Ezekiel Montes y Antonio Meliveo Director: Antonio Hens y Antonio Álamo
Writer: Antonio Álamo
Score: Antonio Meliveo, Macarena Rey y Natanael García
Editor: Julio Gutiérrez y Jorge Berzosa
DOP: Alfonso Sanz
Sound designer: Fede Pajaro
PostProducer: Jorge Berzosa

Eloína Marcos, Rocío Marín, Carmen Vique, Carolina Herrera, José Manuel Pichardo, Juanma Lara, Jesús Castro, Juanfra Juárez