Laura is a legendary Spanish rock singer who now lives in an elderly people’s home. Out of the blue, she receives the visit of an unknown grandson, Jaime, who asks her to teach him how to be a rock musician. She decides to help him and writes a song for him to use in a rock band contest. But in order to participate they would need to make up a band and Laura had pulled out a long time ago.

Producer: Antonio Hens
Director: Antonio Hens
Writer: Antonio Hens, Julio Carrillo, Antonio Álamo, Patricia Roda
Score: Mastretta
Canciones: Fede Pajaro
Editor: Julio Gutiérrez
DOP: Alfonso Sanz
Sound designer: Federico Pajaro
Dir. de arte: Ión Arreche

Laura: Carmen Maura, Juan: Ramón Barea, Marta: María Pujalte, Consuelo: María José Alfonso, Remedios: Itziar Aizpuru, Juanito: Antonio Molero, Phil Trim: Phil Trim