The music and the rhymes of singer, guitar player, song writer and composer Javier Ruibal lead us to his motherland -El Puerto de Santa María, in the bay of Cadiz, Andalusia. Javier introduces the audience to his childhood friends that saw him off when he departed to Madrid to seek a career as a musician. In this film, Javier recalls these friends and others he made all along his professional life: from Serrat to Sabina, Martirio, Kiko Veneno, Javier Krahe, Miguel Ríos, Pasión Vega, Jorge Pardo or Chano Domínguez. Poet Luis García Montero, Felipe Benítez Reyes or music critics like Fernando Iñiguez and Santi Alcanda, among many others, give us a scketch of Javier's art. "Javier Ruibal, por libre" self-portraits the author through fragments of his childhood and the musical influences of his early youth in El Puerto, Cádiz, Seville and Granada -the main homelands of Flamenco. The testimonies of those who greeted their first albums ('Duna', 'Coro celeste' and 'La piel de Sara'), their leading musicians and the birth of their records also have a place in this tape, where it is also shown Javier Ruibal's committment with different humanitarian causes.

Producer: Antonio Hens
Director: César Martínez Herrada
Score: Javier Ruibal
Editor: Pablo Barce
DOP: Álvaro Delgado
Sound designer: Pepe Aguirre