Cantico was the name of a magazine published by teen poets in Spanish southern town Cordoba during the '40s. The documentary investigates into the history and poetry of one of these poets, the only one alive, Pablo García Baena (Córdoba, 1921). The film takes the shape of a shooting diary, showing the obstacles to make the project - the poet, being 94, considers that this movie comes late, when all his companions have passed away. But once he opens his home doors, he shows his photographs, objects and books, he recalls his memories and reflections, the film gives way, beyond his experiences, to a sensory journey through the aesthetic keys of his poetry and his experience with language.

Producer: Antonio Hens
Director: Sigfrid Monleón
Writer: Sigfrid Monleón
Score: Sergio de la Puente
Editor: Buster Franco
DOP: César Hernando
Sound designer: Federico Pajaro

Pablo García Baena, José Infante, Ginés Liébana, Juan Antonio Bernier, Rafael Inglada, Pepe de Miguel, Luis Antonio de Villena, Guillermo Carnero, María Victoria Atencia, Antonio Parra, Jacinto Esteban, Pedro Antonio Ruiz, Juan Villena.
Y las voces de Jorge Usón y Sigfrid Monleón